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About me

Hello! It’s great that you’re on my website. Let me tell you who I am and what I do. My name is Kamil Szpejenkowski, and I’ve been dancing since 2008. My stage name is Sfinks.

Many people ask me why I chose that name. I’ll gladly answer that question. I adopted this pseudonym because Sphinxes, in some mythologies, are depicted as guardians to the gates of another dimension, and what matters most to me in dance is to transport the audience into a slightly different reality. That’s what art is all about. My main dance style is popping, which incorporates various dance techniques such as waving, roboting, animation, and gliding, which I’ve been practicing for the longest time. When it comes to teaching dance, I provide you with my knowledge and skills so that your progress from “zero to hero” becomes a beautiful and smooth adventure.

Join my circle of students with whom I maintain constant contact and who can rely on me for their development matters.


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